Thursday, January 3, 2013

a quick trip.

this week jess invited me to tag along with her family for a quick trip to arizona. and it was lots of fun.

mainly because i got to spend it with my most favorite people on this planet earth. Spence, Kenz, and Ki (the arizona crew) and of course my best friends Coley, and Jess. i wish hanging out with them every day was an option because this whole distance thing is unacceptable. 
on new year's eve we got to join in on kiley's family tradition of making floating lanterns and letting them go.
i couldn't think of anything to write on my lantern, so i un-creatively filled it with, "this is my floating lantern. that's all." how original of me, right?

our first day in Gilbert we took the long boards and went for a fast picture taking venture. let me tell you, these silos were happening. haha but really, it was so much fun. 

i don't know if you know this but arizona has the most amazing trees. 

so there you go, you know now. 
our other time was spent at the hotel enjoying the hot tub or wondering around its pretty grounds. we also took up some shopping (arizona is great for that too.)
i got to go to my first last chance. i found some amazingly good things for amazingly good prices. good thing i didn't have a lot of money. 

we had lots of fun exploring the desert. especially in the nice weather. it was fun to get away from freezing cold snowy utah for a bit. 

we may or may not have stolen some oranges from the hotel's cute orange trees. okay fine we did, but it was worth it because they were amazingly delicious. 

i'm so happy i got to finally visit my friends in arizona! i absolutely love it there. and i'm planning on going back real soon. 
'till then, stay good gilbert. 

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