Friday, March 1, 2013


i'm a little late posting about this, but it's better late than never, right?
i'd first like to thank presidents day for being an important enough holiday to get me out of school. without that day, i wouldn't have been able to meet up with my amazing family i haven't seen in four months in sunny st. george!
it was nice to be able to escape the bitter cold for a few days and get some sun on my face. but even better, i got to play with my completely rad niece and nephew every second of every day for a full three days. it was heaven. 

day one: at the dunes
we spent a good chunk of our saturday at the sand dunes. the weather was perfect and navi and rome were in heaven!
from making sand angels to finding treasure (hiding the same dollar bill in the sand until they dug it up) it was the perfect day! 

we later found the most perfect sunset location. 

day two: hike to the white rocks
this hike was new to all of us, and is definitely a place i want to go back to! these huge white rocks were amazinnggg. i could climb around them all day long!
hey aust.
hey pretty momma.

 one little girl full of adventure.

 the happiest little boy.

that night jare, ceebee, austy, and i went out explorin'. i don't ever really remember a time i drove around the town of santa clara, but it's just so cute! 
we also hit the jack-pot on an amazing garage sale. i wish mom was there to buy everything! because everything there was truly needed. okay fine, just wanted. a lot. 

sis and i had fun running through this field at top speed jumping over all the bushes and crazy stuff. it was a thrill. 

day three: park+the narrows
in the morning i woke up and asked the littles what they wanted to go do. i suggested we go to the park and all they said back was: "we want to go on an adventure!" they've been raised well. but sadly, we ended up at the park anyways. it was still lots of fun!
we ended our day at the narrows (aka "the crack") before we had to say our goodbyes. i've been through the crack so many times, but i still never fail to get anxiety about getting stuck. haha.

i sure am grateful for the weekend i got to spend away. and the time i got to spend with my awesome family. we always have the best times together.
bye family. bye sunshine. i hope to see you both very soon!