Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Remember back in October, when Dance Company had the chance to go to 
New York together and dance? Well i do and it was a super great time.

Maybe creating a hashtag for New York wasn't my best idea. I should have known that with twenty-seven girls using the same tag on all of their pictures from the week, we were bound to get made fun of. But hey, don't you think it's fun now that the trip is over and done with to look up #DCtakesNY and have our entire trip already documented for us? i sure do.

And just to clarify, no we did not TAKE New York and bring it back to share with all of you. 
Even though that would have been nice. But we did take it on, and we danced 
until we couldn't dance anymore. 

This is my team in Time Square. I like them lots.
Here are some of the things we did when we weren't in the dance room:

 if you don't watch Live with Kelley and Michael (i don't) and didn't see us on t.v. you missed out. I've always wanted to be on the set of a live t.v. show! It was so much fun!

These eight Art Historians jumped at the chance to go the the Metropolitan Museum of Art. It was really cool to be able to see some of the things we've been learning about in Art History this year. 
My favorite part about this picture is the big sign behind us that says "Faking It." We know we're not real statues, okay?

What's a trip to New York without stopping at Serendipity for some lunch? And of course their famous frozen hot chocolate! It's my favorite place and it's way too good to turn down.

Although it's fun to visit the main attractions in New York like the statue of liberty, empire state building, or top of the rock, i enjoy walking the pretty streets and looking at the cute apartments most. I loved this rainy weather too! Besides the part when a taxi rounded a corner, hit a puddle of water, and splashed us. It was just like in the movies i swear.

And a super big thanks to my amazing mom for giving me a chance to go, and coming with me too! I don't know how she took time off from her crazy work life of coordinating weddings, but she did. And she's awesome.

These are just a few of the many things we did while we were there. You can fit a lot in when you leave your hotel early in the morning, don't get back until late at night, and are there for a whole five days. that's like a guesstimated total of 90 hours of fun. All in all, it was an amazing trip! 

Hey New York, thanks for a good time. And i hope to see you soon.

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