Sunday, February 3, 2013

from two to five

a daddly daughterly hike:

listen carefully as i proudly announce that i went from doing a 2 mile hike last week to a 5 mile hike this week!
now i know it doesn't sound like much. and i know it looks like all fun and games, but its hard work my friends. (at least for me, who does zero cardio related activities) i get all red in the face, and i'm continually shedding layers until my body temperature is no longer the same as the sun. 

some highlights:

five minutes into the hike, i lost my phone. (while taking off my first layer-coat) but its okay, my dad ran down the mountain and rescued it as i sat under a nicely shaded tree. 

in the middle of our hike my dad pointed out some mountain goats on the rocky mountain next to us. there were eight to be exact. but to be honest, i could only see six. they blended in with the snow so well, i was getting confused. 

do do do ya see em? 
ya, me neither. 

but for my last highlight i'd just like to say that i am grateful my dad was ahead of me on the way down. he still doesn't know that while quickly trying to skate down the mountain my feet completely came out from underneath me and i fell straight onto my bum. it also may or may not have happened three times, but who knows. thank you boots that have negative seven percent grip. my bum has bruises thanks to you. 

i had never been on a hike with just me and my dad before, but it was so great. it made me laugh to see him notice when i was falling behind. he'd casually look up at the pine tree next to him and pretend he was "taking in all the nature" until the second i was on his tail again. he kept reassuring me, "its just past that big patch of snow" or "around this bend and past the big pine tree." 
there's also something even more rewarding about making it to your destination when you aren't a talented hiker at all. 
thoughts: ames equals super woman

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  1. I just laugh so hard at your blog posts. I love Ames! I'm so glad you take advantage of the pretty snowy mountains.