Sunday, February 10, 2013

dancin' around

my last sweethearts dance 2013

the day date:
resided at the belgium waffle house. aka my most favorite breakfasting club of all. but who knew that place was jumpin on a saturday morning? i guess i didn't because the only time i'm there is early in the AM. 

here's austin drinking syrup. things got weird

the dance:
A. we went to brio for dinner
B. we were suppose to take pictures before dinner but the roads were so bad it didn't happen. we were still a half hour late to our reservation! stupid snow. and did i mention i was the one driving? yep, the one driving 20 under the speed limit. 
C. We tried to get pictures at dinner but we were acting crazy. also known as the most blurry, un-photogenic, terribly terrible, not even looking at the camera with a smile photos. 

we're fun thats all that matters.

--was a little longer than expected. but we just had to get those mirror pics in. good thing i don't believe in facebook these days.

i sure do love these ladies

the after date:
we went to big city bowl in absolute ghetto town. we pulled up and nobody (including the men) wanted to get out of the car. but we did and had a really great time. 

this bowling alley played non stop music videos on large screens. you can also request any song. i thought it was awesome until the country music loving couple wouldn't stop the country and austin was requesting songs like "grandma got ran over by a reindeer"

and to add, i suck at bowling. BUT i'm proud to blog that i never lost a game. AND i got a few spares and strikes. 

megan caught me and austin on camera mid "you got a strike!" handshake

i've got to say robby's feather boa was rockin. (found at the school dance and was adopted for the rest of the night)

it was an overall F-A-N-tastic day of dating. 


  1. so yep you are adorable. it's a proven fact, i know it is.

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