Saturday, December 8, 2012

pretty lights.

My favorite thing about christmas is all the lights! I could stare at them all night. Especially the ones at Draper Park! We tried to make it to the ceremony this year, but we were a tad bit late. Hopefully one of these years i'll make it to see what goes down before they light the park!

Anyways, we still went. And although it was oh so very pretty, it was also freeeeezing cold! Our fingers were numb and when we tried walking back to the car, it was difficult without the feeling in our toes. The hot chocolate we got before lasted me about five minutes. (i drink that stuff way too fast)

But enough complaining. Just look how pretty this tree is!

Happy holidays! And when you drive by Draper Park, please don't crash. I know it's hard to keep your eyes on the road when there's a park filled with lights. 

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